Gin Magnoli


Name: Gin Magnoli
Player: Ryan
Template: Summer Knight

High concept: Summer Knight, PETA spokes person

Trouble Aspect:
Known by authorities of man and fae

Other Aspects:
My father was an epee.
Meat is Murder
No one deserves to be caged.
A cold shoulder can lead to a warm heart.
Words can cut like a blade.

Superb (+5)

Great (+4)

Good (+3)

Fair (+2)

Average (+1)

Stunts and Powers: (Refresh 3 (10 – 7)
Unseelie Magic -4
Marked for Power -1
Item of power Sword of summer -2 (grants speed-2 and toughness-2 one time bonus +2 )
The sword of summer is a thin fencing blade concealed in a gentleman’s cane. The handle is adorned with a maple leaf. The sword can only be wielded correctly by an envoy of summer.
Inhuman speed -2
Inhuman toughness -2


Phase 1 (background)
Gin’s parents were Yuppie industrialists. His father was a Wall Street hedge fund broker and his mother ran a cosmetics company, neither of which had much time or love to spend on a child. Gin was sent off to boarding school at age 5. At boarding school Gin learned the finer art of fencing. It was a sport that relied only power of the individual. The love his parent’s spared him, Gin found in repose and thrust, parry and lunge.
Aspect: My father was an epée.

Phase 2 (rising conflict)
At college Gin joined a community action group, which was protesting the university’s labs which were doing animal testing, in order to make time with a young lady he had his heart set on. He didn’t end up getting the girl, but he found his true calling in life. Gin began a PETA group at his college and lead a number of protests. Unlike the other members of his group Gin was always willing to go the extra mile for the organization. He became a vegan and worked to stop animal testing at the university.
Aspect: Meat is Murder!

Phase 3 (the story)
Gin became entangled with the ALF, animal liberation front. He went on a “run” to liberate the test subjects in his mother’s pharmaceutical company. One of the cages he opened contained a faire lord who had been trapped in a shape shifted form by a sorcerer’s cage. The lord gave his rescuer a boon. Gin had only one thing he wanted, to be able to help the planet more that he already could. The Lord saw opportunity and brought him before Titanna. She though it amusing to make him her knight.
Aspect: No one deserved to caged!

Phase Four (Guest Star) Green Nation
Gin met Miakoda Felis at an environmental rally, which took a turn for the worst when agents of winter decided to cause havoc at it. Gin learned Miakoda’s secret nature and the two forced winter back to faire.
Aspect: A cold shoulder can lead to a warm heart

Guest Star Redux: A flower for the little lady
Gin’s envoy to the ladies of summer is Flixt a pixie who hangs around the Bread and Roses Café. She’s often more aware of the happenings of the mortal world than anyone would expect. Getting information out of here is very difficult though, as with any Sidhe she rarely gives a straight answer and is generally only helpful if it will benefit her in some way. Gin actually enjoys conversing with her as he does with all of the fae. It keeps his whit sharp and his tongue sharper,
Aspect: Words can cut like a blade

Gin Magnoli

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