Russian Dj Knight of the Cross


Template: Knight of the Cross
High Concept: Newly Minted Knight
Trouble: On the Job Training

Phase One
Events: raised on Orthodox Jewish faith by parents
Aspect: Temple of Faith

Phase Two
Events: gets sword of the Cross
Aspect: Right Place! Right Time?

Phase Three
Story: “______________” guest staring Sophie
Events: a friend was killed by a supernatural entity, while investigating she aids several sex workers and ends up confronting the supernatural creature
Aspect: Defend the Flock

Phase Four
Story: “______________” with Verger
Events: came across Verger at his lowest point, and stopped the young werewolf from making a human kill
Aspect: Everyone Can Be Redeemed

Phase Five
Story: “___________________” with Lulu
Events: came across Lulu fleeing out the back of a night club with a gaggle of White Court vampires on her tail and came to the rescue
Aspect: Ready for Everything

Skills: (skills were changed, need to find out current version)
Superb – none
Great – Conviction, Discipline
Good – Athletics, Weapons, Presence
Fair – Alertness, Contacts, Empathy, Endurance, Resources
Average – Burglary, Deceit, Driving, Fists, Lore, Performance (DJ), Scholarship, Stealth

Stunts and Powers:
Bless This House
Guide My Hand
Holy Touch
Sword of the Cross
Right in the Vitals
(Total cost -9)
Adjusted Refresh: 1



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