Doren Jakobs


Detective Doren Jakobs

Appearance: clean shaven, he has a network of scars on his face that are usually unnoticeable, but become painfully obvious with the slightest facial hair
Brown hair, kept no longer than ear length (harder for someone to grab)
6" tall
Chestnut brown eyes
Late twenties
Clothing: Black hiking boots that can pass as business shoes if his pants cover the tops, dark cargo pants (pockets for everything!), usually wears shirts in natural colours, tans, greens, browns, etc.

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“Magic on my father’s side, vampires on my mother’s. I had quite the interesting family tree, and there were those who would never let me forget it.”

Doren has a colourful family history, with one grandfather being a Warden of the White Council, and the other being a vampire (Quinn). The magic talent skipped a generation, and his parents were mundane.

The following is not player knowledge
Has a spirit bound to him by the name of Mathias. His grandfather acquired the slumbering spirit and bound it to him upon his birth. He grew up with Mathias and thinks of him as his brother. It is Mathias who has trained him in wizarding ways and taught him about the supernatural world. Doren’s parents did not know his grandfather was a wizard, and dismissed Mathias as an imaginary friend. Mathias is not seen by others unless he chooses to be, and as he is bound to Doren, the pair can speak mentally. Mathias appears as a young man in his late teens, early twenties but is far older. No one knows how Doren’s grandfather came into possession of Mathias, as he died when Doren was only three. Mathias remembers nothing between his death and waking to find himself bound to Doren.

Doren Jakobs

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