Lulu Lutz


Template: Emissary of Power
High Concept: Dragon Rex’s Human Computer Whiz
Trouble: Always Trying to do the Right Thing

Phase One
Events: Born and raised in lower Hamilton, raised by Grandfather (everyone else is dead), strict Catholic upbringing, went to MacMaster University for Masters in Computer Science.
Aspect: Grandfather’s Victorian Cross (religious symbol).

Phase Two
Events: Grandfather dies, never finished doctorate in computer science, ignores a lot of Catholicism.
Aspect: Everyone dies.

Phase Three
Story: “High Heel Hell” guest staring: Natasha
Events: Shake down at a White Court night club (Rex’s request) with a strict dress code. Natasha lends proper shoes to fit in.
Aspect: Ask Questions First (NOT later).

Phase Four
Story: “Second Jobs are Hell” guest staring: Nicolas
Events: Secondary job as a survey taker at local festival where Nicolas gave her a world of trouble.
Aspect: Is Patience Really a Virtue?

Phase Five
Story: “Don’t Let the Wizard Near the Computer” guest starting Sophie
Events: Catches thief (Sophie) on video camera robbing Nicolas’ shop.
Aspect: Location! Location! Location!

Skills: (Presence is on here twice, need to have fixed)
Superb – Scholarship
Great – Deceit, Resources
Good – Weapons, Contacts, Presence
Fair – Burglary, Driving, Discipline, Guns
Average – Athletics, Alertness, Craftsmanship, Investigation, Presence

Stunts and Powers:
Marked by Power
Forgery Expert (+2)
Document Forging
(Total cost -4)
Adjusted Refresh: 6


Owner of Onez Internet Cafe.

Lulu Lutz

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