Miakoda Felis ("Mia")



Skills (Were-Lynx = 35):
Fists (5)
Survival (
Athletics (4) good swimmer and climber
Stealth (
4) stalk and pounce
Alertness (3)
Conviction (
Endurance (2)
Lore (
Scholarship (2)
Investigation (
Craftsmanship (1)
Resources (
Contacts (1)
Discipline (

Skills (Human = 35) (same skills in rotation)
Scholarship (5)
Investigation (
Lore (4)
Contacts (
Alertness (3)
Craftsmanship (
Discipline (2)
Survival (
Conviction (2)
Athletics (
1) good swimmer and climber
Fists (1)
Stealth (
1) stalk and pounce
Endurance (1)
Resources (

Stunts and Powers:
Beast Change (-1) – Beast transformation to Lynx, Skill shuffle
Echoes of the Beast (-1) – Heightened Senses (1 Alertness/Investigation), Beast Trappings (1 to seeing in darkness); Can communicate with other cats
Human Form (+1)
Inhuman Speed (-2)
Claws (-1)
Diminutive Size (-1)
Hulking Size (-2)
Go Native (Survival) (-1)
Psychometry (-1)


Name: Miakoda Felis (Mia for short)
Player: Krystin
Template: Were-Lynx
High concept: Were-lynx Ecologist
Trouble Aspect: Not easily trusting.

Other Aspects: At home in the trees. Cats stalk alone. Cats have 9 lives. I have a friend in Gin. It’s always good to know a wizard.

Not particularly violent by nature – more of a peace keeper (can be vicious if needed), grounded in nature/earth, sympathetic, can be nervous and suspicious of strangers, more active at night(cat form).

In human form elegant, shapely and graceful with long, strange speckled silver hair and big, bright green eyes.

In cat form, medium-sized, with large paws, short tail sharp teeth and long whiskers, light grayish spotted sleek coat that glistens silver under the full moon,.

Background: Currently employed at Dundas Valley Conservation Area, born with magical talent – from Indian heritage: Passamaquoddy tribe shamans harnessed the talent and along with the gods of nature to empower me with the ability to shapeshift
Aspect: At home in the trees.

Rising Conflict: My tribe elders arranged for a customary betrothal to Huritt. He was nice enough at first but became very possessive and jealous. I decided to leave the tribe to go out on my own to get away from him, leaving me in disfavor of the tribe because it went against their customs. He has tried to continue to stalk me using the heightened abilities from his shape-shifting. Right now he doesn’t know where I am, but it has left me very hard to trust new people/relationships.
Aspect: Cats stalk alone.

The Story: After I left the tribe, I went to the University of Maine to work on my Ecologist degree and Huritt followed me there. One night I came back to my room and he was inside. He surprised me and tried to force himself on me. He became frustrated and angry and turned into his bear-form. He struck me hard and I went flying across the room and broke through the window. My room was on the third floor. During my fall was the first time I shifted, into a Lynx, and was able use my claws to latch onto a large tree outside my window. He headed outside and with my new found powers and speed I was able to get away from him safely. I have now moved to Hamilton to get further away from my past.
Aspect: Cats have 9 lives.

Guest Star: Met Gin (Summer Knight) at Nature Conservationist Rally – his arch rivals of Winter showed up and started reeking havoc. Because of his strong conviction for PETA and other organizations I decided to help him defeat the Winter foes. He learned of my abilities (shape-shifting) and seems to be someone I can trust with my secret and shares a lot of my “nature/conservation” beliefs.
Aspect: I have a friend in Gin.

Guest Star Redux: Had a few conversations with Nathaniel in his bookstore. I like reading books about magic and druids. He does not know about my were-form. Have some common interests – he is intrigued by my “nature driven life” and appreciates the ties I have to nature.
Aspect: It’s always good to know a wizard.

Miakoda Felis ("Mia")

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