Natasha Lambert


Template: Pure Mortal
High Concept: Mafia Secretary
Trouble: Perpetually Broke

Phase One
Events: From Hamilton, inherited position as mafia secretary from mum (secretary to Don Ellis), was quickly demoted to secretary to Rio. Low pay, high rent, weakness for expensive Italian pumps lead to her perpetual broke status.
Aspect: Momma’s Girl

Phase Two
Events: Only fixture in life was her mother and sometimes her mother’s employer, “Uncle Ellis”. After mother’s death due to illness, she took over her mum’s position as aid to Uncle Ellis but was quickly demoted and any relationship she had with him turned cold. Her new boss is the quirky construction head Rio Kinell.
Aspect: Becoming Family

Phase Three
Story title: “Nothing Civil About Civil Servants” guest staring Verger.
Events: Approached by a police officer about a mutual info exchange, he wanted her to turn over evidence about the mafia in exchange for medical records of her mother. In the end, she decides not to deal with the officer, and finds out later from Verger that the officer didn’t have the information he promised. She decided to give the officer false information with Verger’s help, and the officer is now on suspension (though whether that was the cause is unknown).
Aspect: Nothing Civil About Civil Servants

Phase Four
Story: “High Heel Hell” with Lulu Lutz
Events: In line for a White Court night club, Lulu was denied access for inappropriate footwear. Natasha had two appropriate pairs she was debating between, and gave one of the pairs to Lulu so that she could get inside.
Aspect: Girls Have to Stick Together

Phase Five
Story: “_________________” with Irena
Events: Going to drop off cash to a prostitute on behalf of her boss, she was told the girl was dead. Irena was waiting nearby, as the girl had been a friend of hers. Natasha quickly produced her little black book to provide an alibi for her boss.
Aspect: Little Black Book

Superb – Contacts, Deceit
Great – Intimidation, Presence
Good Performance, Scholarship
Fair – Rapport, Investigation, Empathy
Average – Driving, Craftsmanship, Discipline, Resources, Burglary

Stunts and Powers:
Ear to the Ground
Honest Lies
Read the Surface
Quick Eye
Personal Magnetism
Capable Researcher
(Total Cost: -8)
Adjusted Refresh: 4 (includes +2 for Pure Mortal template)


Natasha Lambert

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