Nicholas Anderson Windemere


Template: Wizard
High Concept: Wizard Prodigy of the White Council
Trouble: We Expect Great Things of You

Phase One
Events: Born to a wizard, lonely childhood, growing up in academic environment, raised by semi-absentee warden.
Aspect: I Can Do It Myself!

Phase Two
Events: Mother diet in birth, raised by warden who died in the vampire/wizard war.
Aspect: Winston’s .45 Revolver

Phase Three
Story: How To Win Friends and Influence People
Events: As a first foray into mundane society, Nathaniel went to the Festival of Friends. Feeling somewhat overwhelmed, he spent most of the time observing social behaviours.
Aspect: Student of Human Nature

Phase Four
Story: “___________________” guest starting Sophie
Events: After getting robbed by a burgler who evaded the wards to stop magic and realized . . .
Aspect: Magic Can’t Solve Every Problem

Phase Five
Story: “_________________” with Verger
Events: Verger takes refuge in the Bookstore and becomes friends with Nathaniel.
Aspect: My Buddy the Werewolf (Verger)

Superb – Discipline
Great – Conviction, Lore
Good – Endurance, Alertness, Resources
Fair – Guns, Weapons, Presence, Scholarship
Average – Investigation, Athletics, Contacts, Fists, Performance

Stunts and Powers:
Evocation (Air, Spirit)
The Sight
Wizard’s Consitution
(Total cost -8)
Adjusted Refresh: 2


Nicholas Anderson Windemere

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