Template: Were-form (wolf)
High Concept: Sidekick Mafia Werewolf
Trouble: Out With the Old Boss, but Who is the New Boss?

Phase One
Events: Hamilton born, last of a large family with minimal family relationship, mostly street educated, got into trouble a lot but “I didn’t do it”
Aspect: I didn’t Do it!

Phase Two
Events: Original boss who disappeared (thought to be dead) but is still connected to Verger somehow. Is the boss a ghost, or just in his head? What really happened to the Boss?
Aspect: Did I Really Do it?

Phase Three
Story: “_______________” guest staring Irena
Events: mob boss finds Verger on the street and discovers his powers, begins using them for his own devices.
Aspect: Power is a Struggle

Phase Four
Story: “Nothing Civil About Civil Servants” with Natasha
Events: helped Natasha by discovering that the police officer did not have the medical records he had offered to her, and helped provide false information for the police officer
Aspect: Nose for Truth

Phase Five
Story: “_____________” with Nathaniel
Events: crossed paths with Nathaniel at the Festival of Friends, found that the wizard’s bookstore provided a calming feeling that helped him control his powers better, became friends
Aspect: I’m Not a Monster

Superb – none
Great – Fists, Athletics, Endurance
Good – Alertness, Deceit, Intimidation
Fair – Survival, Presence, Contacts
Average – Conviction, Discipline, Investigation, Might, Empathy, Burglary, Driving, Rapport

Stunts and Powers:
Beast Change
Echoes of the Beast
Human Form
Inhuman Speed
Inhuman Strength
Pack Instincts
(Total cost -7)
Adjusted Refresh: 3

Aspects need some work for this character.



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